Meeting with Jérôme, Trainer at CAPTRAIN Formation

Tell us about your journey

Train driver at CAPTRAIN France since 2012, the company gave me the opportunity to evolve after more than 5 years of driving. After many years as a mentor to young drivers, the profession of trainer has sounded obvious. CAPTRAIN France accompanied me during a year of training. Holder since 2019, I pass on my knowledge and, in turn, support future train drivers.

What is your role as a trainer?

At the same time as passing on my knowledge, my mission is also to guarantee group cohesion and to give interns confidence. 100% available, I am present to answer all their questions and help them revise. My goal is to help my entire group to succeed.


Your advice for a successful training?

Everyone has the opportunity to be successful, so everyone can take their chance.

The only barrier to your success is you!

Being curious and wanting to understand will guide you to success. You should also keep in mind that at CAPTRAIN Formation you are here to acquire skills and to apply them. It's not just passing an exam!