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Transporting wood by rail

Whether for newly-cut trees & logs or manufactured wooden panels, CAPTRAIN France teams are on hand throughout the country to devise the most efficient transport plans.

  • Design of efficient rail transport plans
  • Traffic flow management
  • Transport cost optimization
  • Comprehensive logistic solutions (provision of goods yards, loading, transport, freight cars, unloading)
Transport de bois

Success story

Smurfit kappa

a forward-looking, sustainable partnership
Goods transport

In 2019, for Smurfit Kappa, a leading manufacturer of paper-based packaging products, CAPTRAIN France began running wood-laden train services between Raon-l’Étape (88) and Facture (33).
Then in 2020 we took our partnership a step further by setting up a “Wood Hub” which made it possible to accumulate loads from several different sites in the Grand Est region of France. Once fully loaded and coupled, the train is composed of up to 22 dual-platform cars, for a total length of 620 metres and an approximate gross haulage weight of 1 900 tonnes. It then travels diagonally cross-country to Facture-Biganos station, where our client SMURFIT KAPPA is located, for the wood to be unloaded ready for processing.
Two weekly rotations take place between the Grand Est region and our client’s site in SW France.
The potential for wood from Grand Est is very high as a result of extensive damage caused by Scolytinae bark beetles, an insect species that is particularly harmful to wood.


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