Frequently Asked Questions

List of frequently asked questions

What are the stages in the recruitment process for Train Drivers and Ground Safety Operators?

After applying for one of our job offers, our recruitment team will analyse your CV.
If your profile matches our requirements, we will get in touch with you for a chat and to get a wider picture of your background, your aspirations and your motivations.

If we decide that you are a good fit, we will invite you to attend one of our recruitment sessions.

To successfully complete the recruitment process and join our team, you must first pass each of the following tests:
Psychotechnical tests
Interview with our recruitment team
Medical check-up

Each of these tests is compulsory and must be successfully accomplished in order to proceed.


Who bears the cost of travel expenses to attend a recruitment session?

Travel expenses to attend recruitment sessions are borne by candidates.
If the members of the recruitment team are not available during the session, CAPTRAIN France will bear the cost of travel expenses for you to attend the HR interview.
All expenses incurred in attending the medical check-up (accommodation, transport) will be refunded by the company on presentation of receipts.

Do you hire women?

Yes we do! The rail sector is by no means a male preserve.
At CAPTRAIN France we are proud to count female train drivers and ground safety operators as members of our workforce!

Does CAPTRAIN France provide opportunities for those on work-study programs?

Yes, it is possible to embark on a work-study internship with our company. Please feel free to send us an open application or consult our employment vacancies. We are delighted to welcome trainees and interns and enable them to discover the ins & outs of our business. After all, we are fully aware that you may be our star performers of the future!

I have sent you my CV but have not yet received a reply. Is this normal?

Generally speaking, we reply to applicants within one month of receipt. However, under certain circumstances, this may take us a little longer.
Please feel free to contact us to find out more about the status of your application. We will be delighted to chat with you!

How much do your training programs cost?

The cost of training is 100% borne by CAPTRAIN France, along with all other associated expenses (accommodation, meals, transport).

Why is nationwide mobility a requirement for candidates applying to be a train driver?

Our needs are very much dictated by the needs of our clients, some of whom wish to convey goods to all four corners of France.

How many training recruitment sessions do you organize each year?

On average we run around ten recruitments sessions each month, spread across the entire country. The location of the recruitment sessions is the same as that indicated in our job offers. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply for vacancies that are located close to your place of residence.
Generally speaking, the train driver / ground safety operator ratio of our training program offer is 5:4.

What are your current recruitment needs?

All our professional opportunities are posted online in the regularly-updated employment vacancies section of our website.
Please make sure to regularly check out the latest vacancies!

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