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CAPTRAIN France organizes and fulfils the transport of goods by rail. With our full train and scheduled services, spot trains and local services to further modal transfer, our clients benefit from over 20 years' experience in the field to address the needs of all kinds of transportation projects. Our attentive, client-centric teams are always close at hand to listen and respond to your needs and to propose tailor-made solutions.

A presence in France and in Europe

We operate across the country thanks to the strength and performance of our teams. Gradually, we are pursuing our internationalization with the support of the CAPTRAIN network throughout Europe.

To achieve this goal, we have developed cross-border operational services and forged partnerships with other freight players to improve railcar exchanges at borders.

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Markets and success stories

With us, your goods are the stars

Smurfit kappa

a forward-looking, sustainable partnership
Goods transport

In 2019, for Smurfit Kappa, a leading manufacturer of paper-based packaging products, CAPTRAIN France began running wood-laden train services between Raon-l’Étape (88) and Facture (33).
Then in 2020 we took our partnership a step further by setting up a “Wood Hub” which made it possible to accumulate loads from several different sites in the Grand Est region of France. Once fully loaded and coupled, the train is composed of up to 22 dual-platform cars, for a total length of 620 metres and an approximate gross haulage weight of 1 900 tonnes. It then travels diagonally cross-country to Facture-Biganos station, where our client SMURFIT KAPPA is located, for the wood to be unloaded ready for processing.
Two weekly rotations take place between the Grand Est region and our client’s site in SW France.
The potential for wood from Grand Est is very high as a result of extensive damage caused by Scolytinae bark beetles, an insect species that is particularly harmful to wood.

Nestlé waters

A trusting partnership
Goods transport

Since 2010, CAPTRAIN France has been conveying bottled water from Vittel and Contrexéville to Nestlé Waters’ French distribution sites in Arles and Merrey and to all four corners of Northern Europe.
In 2020, Nestlé Waters entrusted us with its entire traffic flow from the Vosges region to two new destinations in Montreuil-Bellay and Worms.
We are currently operating 700 trains per year for Nestlé Waters, thereby handling the lion’s share of our client’s rail traffic for the Vittel, Contrexéville and Hépar brands.


European leader for vehicle logistics
Goods transport

GEFCO, the European leader for automobile transport solutions entered into a partnership agreement with CAPTRAIN France in January 2016.
Under the terms of this agreement, we transport the flagship models of the Peugeot and Citroën brands from their production plants at Ile Napoléon (68) and Sochaux Montbéliard (25) to the greater western region of France (Rennes) from where they are also forwarded to South America. On average, we run 5 weekly train services to & from the region, for an annual total of close on 220 trains. Convinced by the quality and competitiveness of our solutions, GEFCO decided to grant us a new 3-year deal to handle its vehicle conveyance needs to the south of the country, with 3 or 4 trains running each week from the aforementioned factories to its distribution centres in Miramas and Fos-sur-Mer.
Our traffic operates as a shuttle service with set loading days and meets the need for just-in-time deliveries so as to ensure regular supply to distributors, thereby addressing two key requirements of the automobile industry, i.e. reliability and reactivity. In addition, we take the greatest care of all goods that are entrusted to us and provide a guarantee that vehicles are transported in conditions of utmost safety & security (protecting against damage and theft) from pick-up at the point of production through to the delivery site, where they are unloaded by GEFCO’s handlers. The fact that each complete train represents a market value of around 6.5 million euros bears witness to our client’s faith in the quality of service provided by CAPTRAIN France and its teams.

Waste Treatment Authority of the Oise département (SMDO)

Tried & trusted since 2008
Goods transport

CAPTRAIN France operates the daily transfer of waste from the collection platforms to the energy enhancement plant located in Villers-Saint-Paul. This collaboration was born from the local authorities’ desire to reduce the noise, traffic and pollution associated with the transport of waste by road in & around the town of Compiègne. Each year, over 100 000 tonnes of household waste are conveyed by rail, a figure soon to rise to 165 000 tonnes with the opening of a new road-rail transfer platform close to Beauvais.


Goods transport

From North to South, from East to West, all of CAPTRAIN France teams are mobilized for the smooth running of trains for TOTAL. Direct from the its client’s refineries, CAPTRAIN France conveys petrochemical products from Le Havre to 3 key destinations, namely Clermont-Ferrand (hydrocarbons), Sibelin (raffinate) and Saint-Clair-les-Roches (liquid sulphur) and also performs railway manoeuvres at Carling and Le Havre, along with loading operations at the latter site.

Carrière du boulonnais

Goods transport

Since September 2018, CAPTRAIN France has been transporting chalk aggregates for building and civil engineering purposes from the client’s quarry located in Ferques (62) to its unloading platform in Mitry (77). This traffic amounts to some 184 rotations per week.

Axéréal farming cooperative

A winning contract
Goods transport

Signed in July 2020, this contractual agreement includes more than 120 rotations per year, transporting cereals from 11 sites in the region around Les Aubrais, Nevers and Montargis to several silos on both banks of the Seine in Rouen.

Partnership with CAPTRAIN Deutschland

Goods transport

In partnership with CAPTRAIN GmbH, we transport steel tubes manufactured by a German company located close to Duisburg to a French site in Vitry-le-François (51). In total, more than 30 trains make this journey each year, a clear indicator of a successful cooperation between two distinct entities from the CAPTRAIN network!

Transport of arch stones for TRANS FER

Goods transport

TRANS FER chose CAPTRAIN France for the conveyance of 28 000 concrete arch stones for use in the construction of tunnels for Eole, a public transport development project in the Greater Paris region intended to enhance mobility for users by extending the RER E suburban rail line into the western outreaches of the capital.
CAPTRAIN France transported these imposing structures from Rennes to Gennevilliers over a period of 18 months by means of a bi-weekly train service. This contract allowed us to demonstrate the unfailing expertise of our Safety department by means of its method of loading, securing and strapping down goods and will ultimately be seen as the first step in a long-lasting partnership with the LAHAYE group.

Thanks to their regularity and their operational efficiency, the teams at CAPTRAIN France enable us to uphold our commitments in terms of reducing our carbon footprint. Going beyond our business relations, we have built a genuine partnership with CAPTRAIN France with a joint aim of reducing our C02 emissions, a goal that was fulfilled in 2020 with the introduction of the Eurodual bi-modal locomotive. In the years to come, our rail transport plan will be taken to a new level. The expertise of our partner will be a key strength in helping us to win the battle to protect our environment and to reduce the impact of our logistics on the road networks and future mobility options.
Jean-françois Lagane
Railway manager at nestlé waters france.


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