A long-term relationship of trust with our suppliers

A relationship of trust with our suppliers

CAPTRAIN France collaborates each year with numerous suppliers and service providers. Establishing a relationship of trust and quality with our suppliers is an important issue for us.
Safety, respect for human rights at work, preservation of the environment are all values ​​that we defend and which it is essential to find in the DNA of our suppliers who support us. These are essential criteria in the choice of a supplier in the same way as the economic criteria (quality, costs, deadlines).
Transparency and dialogue are the key to building together a long-lasting, reliable relationship of trust and guaranteeing ethical business practice.

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Safety and well-being at work

: CAPTRAIN France, safety is our first priority. This is why we attach as much importance to the safety of the employees of our service providers as to that of our own employees. This criterion can thus guide our actions in choosing a partnership.

An approach in favor of sustainable development

Respect for the environment is an integral part of CAPTRAIN France's values. Thus, we are leading a responsible purchasing policy which involves the mobilization of all stakeholders in our value chain. CAPTRAIN is committed with all of its suppliers.

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A local purchasing policy

Present everywhere in France, the activity of CAPTRAIN France creates an employment pool at the local level. In line with this approach, we are committed to fostering local roots and supporting local economic development by purchasing goods and services from local suppliers.

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