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Captrain france

A leading player on the rail-freight market and for logistics operations on industrial sites, CAPTRAIN France boasts a nationwide presence and each day our trains travel the length and breadth of the country. Whether at head office or out in the provinces, our teams are everywhere, always on hand to listen and respond to your every need and provide a guarantee of proximity, reactivity and a keen awareness and understanding of your professional environment.

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Our history


Creation of vfli


Acquisition of the rail transport activities of the Lorraine basin coalworks (HBL)


Start of our Training activities and creation of our Infrastructure & Engineering Centre


Beginning of our Worksite activities with the construction of the Eastern France high-speed line


Award of our Safety Certificate – launch of our first train on the national rail network (RFN) for Renault


Operation of our very first electric traction multiple unit for Districhrono


Reception of our first two Euro 4000 diesel locomotives


First “Suite Rapide” contract with Meccoli


Transfer of our rail infrastructure management and maintenance activities to SFERIS


First train for maintenance work on the South Europe Atlantic high-speed link (SEA-LGV)


Acquisition of ECORAIL Transport


Introduction of Eurodual, first hybrid bi-modal locomotive in France


VFLI becomes CAPTRAIN France

Our commitments



In all of our day-to-day activities, the safety of our employees and the goods that have been entrusted to us is always our utmost priority.


Service quality

We cultivate a corporate spirit in which attentiveness, receptiveness and cooperation are the guiding principles of our exchanges.


Sustainable growth

We aim for success in all that we undertake in a constant quest for excellence.


Confidence in our collective strength

The teams at CAPTRAIN France are mutually supportive, friendly and fun-loving and understand the importance of collectiveness.


Environmental protection

We believe that rail is a truly forward-looking solution that provides a real alternative to road transport.


Tailor-made offers

We offer tailor-made transport plans specifically designed to meet customer needs

The captrain network

CAPTRAIN is SNCF Group's brand name for its European freight forwarding activities.

The brand groups together several entities performing activities associated with rail freight transport throughout Europe. Together, these companies provide innovative and complementary solutions that seamlessly combine within a logic of modal transfer. A leading player in the field of rail transport and logistics all over Europe, CAPTRAIN has established a firm footing in the domestic markets of Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and France and also boasts a presence on all the main international transport lanes.

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Train Captrain en campagne

Thus, the CAPTRAIN network offers rail transport solutions for all types of goods and provides its services to clients whatever the local, regional or international scope of their requirements, while also proving rail-related services for industrial sites and spurs along with local train services.
Together with our European colleagues, we share a set of common objectives: to make rail freight forwarding as efficient, reliable, simple, quick and accessible as possible, to support the relocation of industrial production in Europe, and to contribute to environmental protection & conservation

The captrain network in brief

Our mission

Collaborate ardently with our customers and partners to promote rail freight transport as the best solution for a more sustainable future for the economy, for people and for our planet.

Our promise

Act together to shake up the status quo and invent the new generation of rail logistics solutions, smarter and greener.

Our values

We are leading the change towards smarter transportation solutions. For our clients. For our planet.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with solutions that are perfectly suited to their needs.


We allow everyone to invent, take initiatives and seize every opportunity that presents itself.


We put human concerns at the heart of everything we do.

Our rolling stock fleet

CAPTRAIN France operates its services all over the country, by means of a well-balanced, reliable and high-performance fleet of more than 150 diesel & electric locomotives and shunters adapted to the needs of our clients on the national rail network and also on private industrial spurs.

Our fleet includes locomotives from the following families: BB 61000, BB 27000, BB 37000, BB 400, Class 77, G1206, Y8000 and Euro 4000. This fleet enables us to provide our clients with a guarantee of optimum safety, availability, energy efficiency and environmental compliance, in particular with regard to the very latest pollution control standards.

Always one step ahead, in 2018 we introduced the very first bi-modal locomotive to run on the French rail network: Euro Dual.
And to support our continued growth, twelve E4001 locomotives were added to our fleet at the end of 2020.

Locomotive maintenance

All of this equipment is serviced by our network of 7 rail maintenance workshops which are spread across the country. Our mobile intervention teams are also permanently on call to go directly to a site in the event of a breakdown or functional issue.

In view of the fact that we prefer to take preventive measures rather than curing issues after they have occurred, our service interventions are aimed at optimising the reliability and good working order of our equipment, at guaranteeing the best possible safety conditions and at reducing their environmental impact.

Carte de France - Ateliers maintenance
Maintenance Wagon


Accredited by all the main freight car leasing companies (ATIR RAIL, ERMEWA, GATX, NACO, VTG), our maintenance teams carry out scheduled technical visits but also corrective and preventive maintenance (brake pad replacement, greasing of buffers and coupling mechanisms) and small repairs directly on site so as to avoid the need to immobilize equipment on site or in our workshops. However, if need be, your freight cars can be swiftly transferred to our workshops for service or repair.

Captrain France in figures

Our daily activity



trains operated per month on the national rail network (RFN)
industrial spurs managed
tonnes of goods transported each year
turnover in 2019
employees including 60 site managers and 350 train drivers
new hires on open-ended contracts
aged below 35
state that they are proud to work for us
of training delivered to our team members
gender equality index for 2019
active and loyal clients
client satisfaction for our services


Stéphane derlincourt

Chief Executive Officer

“Pragmatic and tenacious, committed and enthusiastic, I am totally focused on achieving sustainable and ambitious growth for CAPTRAIN France”

Marc Poirel

Chief Financial Officer

“My objective: to ensure the profitable growth of our business in order to guarantee the long-term future of our company.”

Vincent beck

Deputy Managing Director, Industrial Performance and Transformation

“With the benefit of my comprehensive global vision of the railway sector, I am constantly seeking to improve our organization and our ways of working.”

Thierry Conduché

Quality & Safety Director

“As ‘Mister Safety’ at CAPTRAIN France, my primary concern is to ensure the absolute protection of our employees and of all goods that have been entrusted to us.”


Yazid Oultaf

Human Resources Director

“My role is to enable our employees to develop their competencies and to make progress in a convivial atmosphere, within a team in which all members are encouraged to give the very best of themselves.”

Jérôme Pétrignet

Operations Director

“As the person most responsible for ensuring our operational efficiency, my day-to-day work is all about keeping the ship on course, come hell or high water.”


Alain llor

Sales Director

“Listening carefully and being close to clients are key priorities for me in order to be able to propose the very best solutions!”

Delphine Grangier

Communication & Employer Brand Manager

“As an avid enthusiast of all things to do with content, graphics and typography, I am constantly on the lookout for new ways of enhancing the brand so as to ensure that every single person impacted by CAPTAIN France (e.g. clients, partners, suppliers, employees and candidates) enjoys a bright and fulfilling experience.”

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