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Hazardous substances: chemicals, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons...

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  • Rail: the safest mode of transport for hazardous materials
  • 5 times fewer accidents per tonne transported than by road
  • Guaranteed high-level safety: transport in tanks or secure packaging
  • Quality & Safety Officer present in each region, national Hazardous Materials Safety Advisor
  • Reliable equipment and robust internal processes
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Goods transport

From North to South, from East to West, all of CAPTRAIN France teams are mobilized for the smooth running of trains for TOTAL. Direct from the its client’s refineries, CAPTRAIN France conveys petrochemical products from Le Havre to 3 key destinations, namely Clermont-Ferrand (hydrocarbons), Sibelin (raffinate) and Saint-Clair-les-Roches (liquid sulphur) and also performs railway manoeuvres at Carling and Le Havre, along with loading operations at the latter site.


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