Markets and Success Stories

Oversize loads

For the conveyance of specific oversize, extra-long or abnormal loads, CAPTRAIN France offers a number of key advantages, notably our nationwide coverage, the highly specific technical expertise of our teams, our network of partners and the diversity of our fleet.
CAPTRAIN France is rightly proud of a number of noteworthy operations that it has performed, e.g.: transport of Kirow cranes and tilted-bed truck cars for delivery to the United Kingdom, Zefiro V300 and Italian ETR1000 high-speed trains, etc.

Convois exceptionnels

Success story

Transport of arch stones for TRANS FER

Goods transport

TRANS FER chose CAPTRAIN France for the conveyance of 28 000 concrete arch stones for use in the construction of tunnels for Eole, a public transport development project in the Greater Paris region intended to enhance mobility for users by extending the RER E suburban rail line into the western outreaches of the capital.
CAPTRAIN France transported these imposing structures from Rennes to Gennevilliers over a period of 18 months by means of a bi-weekly train service. This contract allowed us to demonstrate the unfailing expertise of our Safety department by means of its method of loading, securing and strapping down goods and will ultimately be seen as the first step in a long-lasting partnership with the LAHAYE group.


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