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Transport par train de voitures

Success Story


European leader for vehicle logistics
Goods transport

GEFCO, the European leader for automobile transport solutions entered into a partnership agreement with CAPTRAIN France in January 2016.
Under the terms of this agreement, we transport the flagship models of the Peugeot and Citroën brands from their production plants at Ile Napoléon (68) and Sochaux Montbéliard (25) to the greater western region of France (Rennes) from where they are also forwarded to South America. On average, we run 5 weekly train services to & from the region, for an annual total of close on 220 trains. Convinced by the quality and competitiveness of our solutions, GEFCO decided to grant us a new 3-year deal to handle its vehicle conveyance needs to the south of the country, with 3 or 4 trains running each week from the aforementioned factories to its distribution centres in Miramas and Fos-sur-Mer.
Our traffic operates as a shuttle service with set loading days and meets the need for just-in-time deliveries so as to ensure regular supply to distributors, thereby addressing two key requirements of the automobile industry, i.e. reliability and reactivity. In addition, we take the greatest care of all goods that are entrusted to us and provide a guarantee that vehicles are transported in conditions of utmost safety & security (protecting against damage and theft) from pick-up at the point of production through to the delivery site, where they are unloaded by GEFCO’s handlers. The fact that each complete train represents a market value of around 6.5 million euros bears witness to our client’s faith in the quality of service provided by CAPTRAIN France and its teams.


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