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Success story

Primagaz, partner of captrain France for more than 3 years

Industrial site

Primagaz, a major player in the gas market, has chosen CAPTRAIN France to provide logistics
rail at its port site in Lavera (13). Since 2017, the CAPTRAIN France teams have been carrying out loading operations and rail operations for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG: butane and propane) tanks. With regard to hazardous materials, our Industry Rail Operators have undergone specific training in order to perform their missions in complete safety.

In Lavéra, Primagaz receives butane and propane imported by sea and re-shipped by train with a storage capacity of 98,200 m3 (including 85,000 m3 via an underground cavity dug in the limestone in the mid-1990s), which makes of this site, the most important place of storage of
brand in France. Primagaz experiencing strong development in Italy, the tanks are operated by CAPTRAIN France in Lavera, then loaded and transported in particular by the shuttle
Fuorimuro also provided by CAPTRAIN France on the Miramas-Vintimille route.

CAPTRAIN France is thus located at several links in the Primagaz rail logistics chain. This contract demonstrates the scope of our services on industrial sites with an extended service offering that is not limited to the railway activity.


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